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31 august, 2014.

Video of VERBAL and Physical
assault Emanuel Dumitru SAULIUC and his brother 
Calin Adrian Sauliuc in Sighet, Str Muzeului Nr, 90 (Dobaies)

Emanuel D Sauliuc, in
inchisoarea din COYOTE RIDGE, si TACOMA, in statul WASHINGTON, USA. Pentru furt
DE IDENTITATE SI FURT DE LA MASINILE ATM (de unde se scoate cash). A facut asta
si in Viena, Austria. Asta ii este Profesia, hot, si excroc sentimental.
Courtesy of/via Telmate.com, Los Angeles, CA, 
June 6th, 15. A fost eliberat dupa un an jumate inchisoare, pe 30 IUNIE,
15, cand a fost depus la Budapesta, ca cica este cetatean ungur; dar nu stie o
boaba ungureste, nici sa scrie nici ca sa vorbeasca. calin sauliuc l-a ajutat
(aiding and abaiting, cu ma-sa stela sauliuc. la pensii in Sighet.

Calin Adrian Sauliuc and
Emanuel Dumitru Sauliuc, (Demeter, ha!) assaulted me verbally and physically in
our house on Muzeului Nr 90, in  Sighetu
Marmatiei, where he entraped me, and stole my mobile phone, and prescription
medicine, Paroxetine, thus putting my life in danger. Calin (porecla TUCU, nicknamed),
and Emanuel Sauliuc, stela sauliuc, my mother-in-law, an idiot, ganged up on me
in their house, and assulted me verbally, getting physical,  to take away my mobile/cell phone, and
pushing down my hands, scuffling to steal my mobil phone, and other things.
Emanuel stole a gold chain from me, two amulets, and beef jerky. He is a thief
and a fugitive, he is wanted in CANADA too (Vancouver) for identity theft/ bank
cards theft, and his brother is abusing his position at the POLICE in BAIA
MARE, MARAMURES COUNTY. He is also using traffic of influence to produce
Hungarian passports for Romanians, to help them this way go into EUROPEAN UNION
Countries, SCHENGEN space, withourt a visa, and then come to the USA, like
EMANUEL D SAULIUC did horrible things, to steal people's identity, that is why
Emanuel Demeter Sauliuc was in prison for one year and half in Seattle, WA.
Calin Adrian is conspiring together with emanuel; a family mafia indeed. Now
Emanuel has gotten from his brother a Romanian passport, to avoid RESTRICTIONS
in Viena, UK, and other European Union countries. In Viena he did 6 months in
prison.His brother is totally manipulated by Emanuel. And therefore corrupt,
using his position at Directia Politia Judenteana pentru ROMANI in exterior..
Telefonul verde, coruptie in Baia Mare, Maramures
Emanuel Sauliuc served time
in prison in viena, and Seattle WA, Coyote ridge, and King county jail, for
Immigration frau, in TACOMA Washington state, in the USA.

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