The Airforce ACADEMY: No TUITION! Welcome to Paid For Research

Welcome to Paid For Research: "
Check Yes to each offer that interests you. They are absolutely FREE!

  • Anonymity and Fantasy
  • History of Ethical Development
  • Assessment and Intake Online
  • Informed Consent and Privacy Policies
  • Maintaining a Responsible Online Presence
  • Working with Email
  • Working with Chat and Instant Messaging
  • Working with Audio Tools
  • Working with Video Tools
  • Closure and Discharge Online
  • Virtual Reality and Avatars
  • Marketing and Taking Your Services Online
Date of Birth  
High School Class Year
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All of the Education. None of the Tuition.
The Air Force Academy is not like a lot of other universities. It's one of the country's top institutions of higher learning, offering 27 academic majors ranging from engineering to business management. But unlike other schools, you have an opportunity to not only give back to your country, but also get a world-class education without paying any tuition. Your costs are covered so you can concentrate on your studies instead of how to pay for them. The only thing asked in return is your hard work, dedication and commitment to serve
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