The "Angelina Effect", Don't Buy IT, Ladies

Yes, I had a hint when she came out with explanations:

That's why it was just the beginning of a much more tragic development.
What Time magazine famously called...
"The Angelina Effect"
Once the media coverage praising her "preventative surgery" began... the damage was done.
Thousands of women followed the celebrity's mogul's lead... opting for dangerous "double mastectomies" that would mutilate, disfigure and scar them.
Even if they didn't have breast cancer...
And even if their cancer risk was uncertain.
Yet for all of the emotional and physical suffering so many women have gone through...
The scientific research shows it's done absolutely nothing to help prevent or treat breast cancer.
In fact, researchers at Stanford University... Sloan-Kettering... and the University of Michigan recently reached an incredible conclusion:
Not only are three-fourths of double mastectomies medically unnecessary...
But the procedure does NOT improve — and actually worsens — patient survival rate.
So while everybody paid attention to the media circus surrounding Angelina's "preventative" surgery...
The media would NOT touch studies like these with a ten-foot pole.
They wouldn't tell you stories about celebrities that cured their breast cancer naturally...
Like Suzanne Somers... Sheryl Crow... or Olivia Newton-John.
And they certainly wouldn't tell you about the HUSHED-UP cause of breast cancer...
Something that doesn't involve genes, family history, or anything your doctor will test for.
What Angelina Could Have Done Instead
Yet it's not only proven to predict 90% of breast cancer cases — but is entirelyreversible...
All by using a weird 10-minute trick... a trick proven to stop and even reversebreast cancer — without dangerous side effects, invasive surgeries or chemo...
Studies at the time of Angelina's surgery confirm it.
But the media silence was deafening — and it all goes back to the $27 billion they rake in every year from Big Pharma.
Now, just so I'm clear... I believe Angelina is brave for doing what she thought was necessary.
I also believe women have a right to do what they want with their bodies.
And I'm not here to slander her, blame her, or use her name.
Instead my goal is to help you or someone you love avoid the same disfigurement, physical and emotional pain she went through...
What tens of thousands of women are now going through...
All for no medical benefit.
All so the hospitals, surgeons, and drug companies can make mega-profits.
If you are suffering from breast cancer, or worried you might be at risk because your friends or family members are... I also want you to know about your REAL options...
Life-saving alternatives that have nothing to do with surgeries, chemo and radiation, or dangerous drugs.
That's why I'm sharing this message with you today.
In just a moment, I'll share with you the details on what Angelina could have done instead...
That includes the details on a safe, 10-minute trick proven to cure (yes, cure!) breast cancer, with a 77% success rate.
A trick that researchers say could save 600,000 lives from breast cancer each year.
More than 800 peer-reviewed studies confirm its cancer-killing abilities...
In fact, it's so powerful... and so irrefutable... the Canadian Cancer Society recommends it as a first-line treatment.
And it doesn't matter...
✔ Your age
✔ Your family history or genes
✔ Or what you've tried before.
It can work for you too!
I'll also reveal the HUSHED-UP cause of breast cancer...
Why it's far more accurate and safer indicator than a mammogram.
And why, even though all it takes is a urine sample to detect your risk...
I doubt more than 1 in 100 doctors ever test for it. Or recommend ways to reverseit — ways like the 10-minute trick.
But before I go into that, consider this...
I've spent the last three decades traveling 30 countries in search of cures and remedies...
The kind you won't hear about from doctors or drug commercial ads.
During this time, I've visited and lived in virtually unknown areas where breast cancer does NOT exist.
Areas where not just breast cancer but virtually all forms of cancer are absent — pancreatic, prostate, brain (you name it.)
Even diseases like Alzheimer's, diabetes, and arthritis are virtually non-existent.
These are places known as "blue zones" — isolated areas free from modern disease.
This phenomenon still puzzles observers, but it's no mystery.
While the more "Westernized" cities in these same countries suffer from rampant disease...
Villagers living just miles away in "blue zones" still live free from many of the modern toxins, pollutants, and chemicals that now bombard our bodies on a daily basis.
Cancer-causing chemicals like the kind that studies link to 90% of breast cancer cases.
The Journal of the National Cancer Institute even calls it...
"The Silent Source of Breast Cancer"
- Journal of the National Cancer Institute
But even though a simple, inexpensive urine test can detect your blood levels of these chemicals...
And even though it can be stopped and reversed with a simple 10-minute trick... without side effects...
Few oncologists ever test for it.
And the big "pink ribbon" foundations and drug companies do NOT want you to know about it.
In fact, they have a vested interest in ensuring these chemicals remain, grow and spread in our food, products, and almost everything we purchase.
All so they can make a fortune on chemo and surgeries for surging rates of breast cancer.
So instead of going after these common carcinogens (which would have cut into their bottom line)...
They've misled the public into associating breast cancer with genetics and family history.
Just as they did with the media frenzy surrounding Angelina's gene test and surgery.
The effects of which have been nothing short of devastating...
The Angelina Windfall
Two years after Angelina's story broke, a study in JAMA Surgery reported the damage...
The rate of double mastectomies soared six-fold...
Another study in the Breast Cancer Journal found the number of these procedures doubled in the U.K.
A development these researchers attributed to the "Angelina Jolie Effect."
But women's misery has been their gain.
I'm talking about everyone who profits from the $17 billion breast cancer industry.
That includes hospitals, surgeons, and the drug companies (just to name a few).
But has any of it help women reduce their cancer risk?
The research clearly says NO.
Shortly after, Stanford University released the largest-ever study of its kind on breast cancer procedures.
They analyzed 190,000 breast cancer patients who received less-invasive lumpectomies compared to single and double mastectomies.
And the results were shocking...
There was NO difference in the survival rate. And in the case of double mastectomies, the survival rate actually worsened.
But none of these studies found their way into the media coverage on Angelina's surgery.
It's outrageous.
We're talking about tens of thousands of women being maimed, for no reason than to make the $17 billion breast cancer industry rich.
"These surgeries are very lucrative"
- Dr. Michael Miller, Chief of Surgery, Ohio State University
"The Angelina Effect is an epidemic" 
- Dr. Ann Partridge, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Here's the thing though...
If you want to defeat cancer, you shouldn't disfigure your body... or blast it with poisonous drugs.
Instead you should make your body an impenetrable fortress against cancer.
That's what I help my patients do...
Many of them asked me about the Angelina story when it made news.
First, I told them three simple facts they wouldn't hear from the media coverage...
 Fact #1: Less than 1 in 10 breast cancer victims have any family history of the disease.
✔ Fact #2: Less than 1% of women carry Angelina's gene mutation.
✔ Fact #3: And 90% of breast cancer cases are linked to environmental causes, like certain cancer-causing chemicals.
Then I gave them a simple 24-hour urine test — NOT a mammogram.
And finally I recommended one alternative to dangerous and expensive surgeries or chemo...
A simple 10-minute trick from home that's not only FREE... but proven to stop and reverse breast cancer with remarkable success.
One study found this trick reversed breast cancer risk with 77% success compared to the placebo.
Another study found this same trick DOUBLED the survival rate of breast cancer patients.
And one study from UC San Diego found this trick could prevent more than600,000 cases of breast cancer each year.
In fact, more than 800 peer-review studies confirm its proven cancer healing abilities.
And I've personally witnessed incredible results from thousands of my own patients who are living cancer-free — without surgeries or prescription drugs.
In a moment, I'll do the exact same for you.
But before I do, allow me to answer for you one thing...
What IS The Hushed-Up Cause of Breast Cancer?
The cause behind soaring breast cancer rates is simple.
Estrogen — but not like how you might think.
While estrogen fuels most breast cancer cells...
Your body's normal estrogen production is not responsible for breast cancer.
The real culprit is estrogen-mimicking toxins that have become pervasive in our environment.
Some call them xeno- (meaning foreign) estrogens.
You may know some of them like BPA, BPS, or phthalates (to name a few).
In total, there are around 160 of these estrogen mimics that are involved in breast cancer development.  
They are in food, personal hygiene products, household cleaning products, and the environment.
Even in our medications.
For decades, doctors administered estrogen to post-menopausal women (called hormone replacement therapy or HRT).
But this changed when a 2002 study found HRT caused a 26% increase in breast cancer risk.
The news shocked millions and led women and physicians to reject the therapy.
In fact, HRT was such a major cause of breast cancer... after it stopped being widely used, U.S. cancer rates plummeted sharply.
Why are "xeno-estrogens" such a potent carcinogen?
The short answer: your body can't metabolize them correctly.
When chemicals that fool your body into thinking they're estrogen get into your bloodstream, they are metabolized by the liver and are sent on one of two pathways: C-2 or C-16.
The liver accepts both estrogen and the substances that mimic estrogen. But it sends the estrogen mimics down the C-16 pathway.
These fake estrogens are not biodegradable, so they are stored in fat cells of the breast tissue.
The compounds then bind to proteins and destroy healthy DNA — leading to cancer.
For instance, researchers analyzed forty breast cancer tissue samples and foundparabens — a group of estrogen mimics in beauty products — in 99% of the samples.
The jury is out...
These "xenoestrogens" have a direct link to breast cancer. And as they've entered more of our foods and products, breast cancer rates have taken off.
Take soy, for instance. It's in thousands of processed food products in the U.S. and has been a boon for "Big Agra" — the large food companies.
Yet there are an enormous number of chemicals used to process the soy. And, processed soy contains the highest concentration of isoflavones, which are plant chemicals found in legumes.
Isoflavones are an estrogen mimic and bind to the C-16 estrogen receptors that lead to breast cancer.
The use of processed soy in our food supply has soared since the 1960's. Take a look...
And is it a coincidence that breast cancer rates have followed the exact same trajectory...?
Breast Cancer Cases
The scientific research is clear...
A new study from the Harvard School of Medicine found that women are exposed to 102 carcinogenic toxins on a daily basis, including the "xenoestrogen" in plastics known as BPA.
"Unfortunately, the link between toxic chemicals and breast cancer has largely been ignored," writes study author Dr. Julia Brody, PhD. "Reducing chemical exposures could save many, many women's lives."
In 2010, the President's Cancer Panel — the pillar of mainstream medicine — issued a landmark report...
One that rang the alarm bells about the spread of carcinogenic chemicals.
The panel's report singled out BPA... which it called "a hazard to human health" and says "more than 130 studies have linked BPA to breast cancer, obesity, and other disorders."
The panel members also rejected the FDA's safety assessment of BPA for failing to consider all of the available scientific evidence.
I was absolutely stunned when I first read this report. It was a confirmation of what I had been saying for years.
I thought to myself, "Could we finally be on our way to a new mainstream understanding of the breast cancer epidemic?"
But the report was ignored and nothing was ever done.
If the President's own cancer panel can't achieve change, I'm not sure what will.
And since we can't count on the government or anyone else to change things, we must take our health — and our lives — into our own hands.  
But even though we're bombarded by hundreds of chemical estrogens on a daily basis...
You can shield your cells and rid your body of these cancer-causing compounds — without changing everything in your home... or buying a bunch of expensive products.
All you need to do is apply a simple 10-minute trick... a trick proven to stop the estrogen buildup that leads to breast cancer — without side effects.
One Stanford University study showed that this simple trick... 
✔ Stops estrogen-positive breast cancer cells from replicating
✔ Causes breast cancer cells to self-destruct (apoptosis)
✔ Inhibits tumor growth and spreading
✔ Suppresses the inflammatory pro-breast cancer gene COX-2
✔ Activates the gene 15-PGDH, a tumor suppressor
✔ And blocks aromatase — the enzyme responsible for estrogen synthesis in breast cancer cells.
In just a moment, you'll get the full scoop on why it's so powerful at stopping breast cancer...
And how millions of people worldwide are living breast cancer-free, thanks to this weird trick.
But before I do, I want to answer an important question...
Why have the "pink ribbon" foundations kept this hidden from you?
The Truth the $17 Billion "Breast Cancer Industry"
Doesn't Want You To Know
The truth is, organizations like the Susan G. Komen Foundation — the one that makes all the "pink" products — are not interested in a cure.
Their entire focus is on screening and "treatments" — not finding the real cause of breast cancer.
If you "donate a dollar for the cure," maybe a dime ever goes to actual research.
Over half of their funding instead goes to "spreading awareness" — a fancy term for advertising.
That helps them amass more and bigger donations for fatter salaries. 
And it pays off handsomely...
Their CEO earns $684,000 a year — more than the President of the United States.
They are ultimately just like the drug companies: focused on their own bottom line, not your health.
Everyone has seen their red carpet full of celebrity endorsements...
But they NEVER mention celebrities who have cured their breast cancer naturally...
Like Suzanne Sommers... Sheryl Crow... and Olivia Newton-John.
If they did they would lose their biggest sponsors overnight...
Big Pharma.
That biggest donor — the pharma giant AstraZeneca — is the maker of the billion-dollar chemo drug Tamoxifen.
Tamoxifen has been shown to increase ovarian cancer risk. That's why a lot of women's health groups lobbied the FDA against it.
But with one exception:
Susan G. Komen, whose endorsement of the toxic drug contributed to its FDA approval.
Now, AstraZeneca is one of the largest contributors to "Breast Cancer Awareness Month".
It's also one of the world's leading pesticide-producers.
The same estrogen-mimicking chemicals that are causing 90% of breast cancer cases!
It's one of several companies that are profiting from both ends of the cancer spectrum...
  1. The chemicals that cause breast cancer...
  1. And the drugs that supposedly treat it.
It's the perfect business model...
First create the problem, then step in with the so-called "solution".
Can you see why the Susan G. Komen has NO interest in finding the real cause of breast cancer?
Or the cure that would deprive their biggest sponsors of mega-profits from drugs like Tamoxifen?
Another of their major sponsors is General Electric, the world's leading maker of mammograms.
So it's no wonder why Komen spends so much money on efforts to promote mammograms... even as 50 years of scientific literature show that they do nothing to reduce breast cancer risk.
They're feeding profits right back into their donor's pockets... all while misleading the public into forking over their hard-earned money for "the cause".
It's despicable.
For all of the wasted billions on chemo, screening, and surgeries... a simple, safe 10-minute trick could have done a lot more to defeat cancer — and it's absolutely FREE.
But multi-million dollar foundations like Susan G. Komen won't even consider it because they're beholden to Big Pharma and its drugs.
As health researcher Emily Michele writes, "Susan G. Komen doesn't mention this [10-minute trick] in any of its "public health education" efforts. Even though it's a scientifically proven way to prevent cancer."
So what is this 10-minute trick that's so much more powerful and safer than surgeries or chemo?
And how am I so certain it works?
How This Weird 10-Minute Trick Defeats Breast Cancer
I travel to dozens of countries where this 10-minute trick is used every single day...
Places that have almost no breast cancer.
I never understood why.
But when I saw the mountain of research that proves this trick is a powerful anti-cancer therapy...
The answer was obvious.
One study from the University of California San Diego analyzed 107 countries...
They found wherever this 10-minute trick is more common, rates of breast cancer are substantially lower.
Not just breast cancer either...
One study from Anticancer Research found this 10-minute trick reduces the risk of more than 16 different types of cancer.
That's because this trick forces your body to produce a very potent anti-cancer nutrient.
A nutrient that makes you an impenetrable fortress against cancer.
Georgetown University scientists call it "a potent inhibitor of breast cancer growth."
When Dr. JoEllen Welsh, of the State University of New York, treated breast cancer cells with this nutrient...
Over half of the breast cancer cells shriveled up and died in 90 days — an effect similar to the chemo drug Tamoxifen, but without the deadly side effects.
"What happens is that [this nutrient] enters the cancer cells and triggers the cell death process," says Welsh.
But it gets better...
Researchers at Memorial Sloan-Kettering — the world's leading cancer center — oversaw a phase 3 clinical trial on a synthetic form of this nutrient.
The patients in the study significantly enhanced their survival rate — without side effects.
The researchers concluded...
"It Has Enormous Potential To Beat Cancer"
- Memorial Sloan-Kettering, world's #1 cancer research center
Yet this cheap, inexpensive nutrient failed to pass the FDA, for reasons that are all too obvious.
But why is it so powerful?
Because this agent activates our immune system against cancer.
In fact, immune agents like T-cells can do nothing against foreign pathogens without this nutrient.
So instead of destroying our body's cells, it strengthens them to defeat cancer cells.
But there's more...
While chemo and radiation nuke all the cells in your body... leaving you weak and crippled.
This instead forces our immune system to specifically destroy the most malignant kind of breast cancer cells:
Cancer stem cells... sometimes referred to as the "mother cells".
That's because they are capable of infinite self-renewal and are the source of all other "daughter" cancer cells.
They're not only resistant to chemo and radiation, but actually feed and grow off of them.
That's why chemo almost NEVER leads to remission.
And why this nutrient is so much more powerful and permanent than conventional treatments.
In cancer-free "blue zones", they get more of this vital cancer-killing nutrient than ANYWHERE else in the world.
But here in the modern West, deficiency of this nutrient is incredibly common... and it's not a coincidence that so is breast cancer.
Take Japanese women, who enjoy the lowest rate of breast cancer in the modern world. But when they move to America or Europe, their intake of this nutrient drops — causing their breast cancer risk to increase by 90%!
A study in The New England Journal of Medicine found deficiency of this nutrient now affects 1 billion people, mostly in the U.S. and Europe.
The risk is especially bad for seniors over 55, for whom deficiency reaches 95%.
It's not surprising...
Our body stops producing as much of this vital nutrient as we age. And we don't get enough in our modern diets.
The result?
Surging rates of breast cancer.
In fact, one study found that...
"93% of Breast Cancer Patients Lack THIS Nutrient"
Researchers at St. George's Hospital Medical School found that women with low breast tissue levels of this nutrient increased their breast cancer risk by four-and-a-half times.
Another study found that deficiency promotes the most aggressive, deadliest, hardest-to-treat breast cancer.
Researchers followed 512 women who were diagnosed with breast cancer.
They found that women who were deficient of the nutrient were 94% more likely to have their cancer spread, and 73% more likely to die from their cancer.
"All of my patients are on [this nutrient]"
- Dr. Stefan Glück, clinical director of the Braman Family Breast Cancer Institute and UM Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the
University of Miami's Miller School of Medicine
What's more, 75% of the women were deficient of this nutrient at the time of their diagnosis.
It makes perfect sense.
Without this nutrient, our immune system — the most powerful tool we have against cancer — simply can't work.
But here's the dirty secret of chemo...
Not only does it fail to destroy breast cancer, but it causes a severe deficiency of this vital nutrient...
As a result it disables our body's immune system, allowing cancer cells to return with a vengeance.
All of which substantially lowers the survival rate of breast cancer patients.
The conclusion is tough to swallow, but unavoidable...
"Chemo is Making Cancer Worse!"
One study showed that 76% of breast cancer patients were already deficient of this nutrient at time of diagnosis.
But after chemo the results showed that now 97% of the patients were deficient.
So their immune systems were much weaker and unable to fight off the inevitable return of tumors... inevitable because chemo fails to kill the stem cells that give birth to other cancer cells.
It's no wonder why so many die after conventional treatment!
Millions of cancer victims are suffering unbearable side effects like nausea, hair loss, and pain...
And the end result is their risk of dying from cancer only gets worse.
But it doesn't matter what you've done before...
If you've gone through conventional treatment...
Or even if you don't have breast cancer and are worried about your risk.
A simple 10-minute trick can replenish this nutrient in your body...
And restore your body's natural ability to keep cancer away — without invasive surgeries or deadly drugs.
In fact, it doesn't matter your family history or even your genes.
It can even control the genes at the center of some rare kinds of breast cancer.
Like Angelina Jolie's gene.
That's why it could have saved her from the misery of extreme, mutilating surgery.
Let me explain...
Even though less than 1% of women carry it... and it involves only 5% of breast cancer cases...
The mutated BRCA1 gene undoubtedly causes cancer.
But here's what they won't tell you...
It can be "switched off" naturally!
How Angelina Could Have "Switched Off"
Her Cancer-Causing Gene...
Without Surgery
For instance, a study in The Journal of Cell Biology — published at the same time as Angelina's surgery, but conveniently ignored...
Shows how this nutrient is a real alternative for Angelina and others...
The researchers found this nutrient substantially reduces breast cancer risk even in patients with a BRCA1 gene mutation... without the need for surgery.
The so-called breakthrough of this study is something I've known for years...
This agent turns off the pathway that causes the activation and proliferation of the mutated BRCA1 gene.
Here we have a peer-reviewed study in a prestigious journal, conducted by top medical researchers at St. Louis University Medical Center.
One that confirms a safe, non-surgical, inexpensive therapy to prevent and beat breast cancer...
The same kind Angelina was genetically at risk for...
And NOT a single word from the media — even though it came out at the exact same time.
The cover-up is remarkable.
And your health is the ultimate victim.
Not only are they denying you or someone you love the real potential to eliminate breast cancer risk, safely and easily...
But they fear-monger you into dangerous, mutilating surgeries that do nothing to stop cancer...
All to keep the $17 billion breast cancer industry growing to all-new heights and profit.
YOU don't have to play their game though.
You have it in your power to take your health into your own hands and cancer-proof your body.
No dangerous drugs or surgeries required.
That's why I assembled a brand-new dossier with my entire breast cancer reversal protocol.
I call it...
"Dr. Sears' Breast Cancer Prevention Protocol"
Inside you'll get everything you need to enjoy healthy breasts into your 50's, 60's, 70's, and beyond...
That includes the "10-Minute Trick" and the nutrient it makes your body generate...
All proven to stop breast cancer with 77% success rate... and more.
You'll find exact details about it on pages 13 to 16... in simple, easy-to-understand language.
With your permission, I'll send this cutting-edge research to your inbox absolutely FREE of charge.
All I ask in return is that you give my new women's health research service a risk-free test-drive.
The "10-Minute Trick" To Kill Breast Cancer Dead Is Only
One of the Secrets I Show My Patients
Through my extensive research I've found that ignorance of women's health needs goes far beyond breast cancer.
You see, mainstream medicine was fashioned from the image and needs of a man's body.
There's an overall lack of attention, research and resources put into women's health, which means women are often overlooked when specific treatment options and alternatives are presented to the public.
I've made it my personal crusade the past couple of decades to right this wrong. But the message still hasn't hit the mainstream. That's why I decided to take it a step further.
Today, I'm here to tell you about a new monthly newsletter I'm publishing dedicated solely to these often-ignored women's issues.
It's called Anti-Aging Confidential for Women, and it's designed to empower you with information and cutting-edge therapies to right mainstream medicine's wrongs regarding women's health care.
You see, I've spent years doing research on a core platform of women's health issues that are mostly ignored by mainstream medicine.
I'm talking about things like...
 Excess estrogen in the environment: A flood of toxic chemicals in our environment with a molecular structure that looks exactly like estrogen have reprogrammed women's bodies to be more vulnerable to cancer, obesity, depression, fatigue and anxiety.
 Diet and weight gain: Diet and fitness "gurus" as well as prescription weight-loss drugs miss the real cause of weight gain and often cause women to create and store more fat.
 Menopause and sexuality: Doctors routinely prescribe meds to help a man's performance, but overlook or ignore a woman's needs in the bedroom.
✔ Cosmetics: The FDA is not your friend. The agency created to protect you has betrayed your trust by approving thousands of toxic chemicals you apply directly to your skin every day.
✔ Telomeres: Modern science is ignoring the most significant breakthrough in medical history. Not only have we discovered the true mechanism of aging, we've found a way to intervene, slow, and even reverse the loss of youthful energy and "grow biologically younger" as you age.
 Stem cells: This new technology has enormous potential for natural healing, using powerful growth factors and stem cells to help women restore younger-looking skin, repair their aging bodies, prevent and treat chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer.
Mainstream medicine has ignored the fact that women have unique health issues and different disease risk factors because their body chemistry and physiology is different.
And some of the health issues that affect both men and women can affect women differently.
Few doctors pay attention to this, which means your doctor may overlook important tests when assessing your health.
Through my extensive research, I've developed a platform of specific therapies to address these critical women's health issues. And it's what I'm going to bring to you every month in Anti-Aging Confidential for Women.
Until now, only my patients, staff and closest friends have had an unrestricted look at my discoveries.
These are the most important anti-aging breakthroughs for women that I'm offering at my Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine.  
You'll discover how to...
✔ Conquer heart disease
✔ Defeat cancer, including breast, cervical and ovary cancers
✔ Clear arthritis right out of your joints and live pain-free
✔ Keep your skin, hair and nails flawless as you age
✔ Prevent osteoporosis and boost bone health
✔ Balance your hormones and boost your sex drive
✔ Defeat dementia and improve mental sharpness and clarity
✔ Relieve stress, and improve self-esteem and outlook
✔ Maintain life-long sex appeal
✔ End hot flashes and mood changes
✔ Boost weight loss and muscle mobility
I want to share these women's health secrets with you so you can use them to take control of your life.
And I want to give you the chance to use these cures right along with me, before anyone else.
Your health concerns have been overlooked for far too long. Today, you have the power to do something about it. 
Join My Inner Circle
Today I'm inviting you to join my inner circle of insiders... a select group of women who want an unrestricted, in-depth look at the cures, advice and healing secrets that are transforming the lives of the women at my Institute.
Cures that have helped my female patients rediscover their health and their youth... and now they can help you, too.
Women's healing happens all the time at my Institute without any prescriptions at all. I'm happy to say 98% of my patients don't take any drugs on a regular basis. If I write a prescription, it's for acute situations, not chronic problems.
My patients aren't taking statin drugs like Lipitor. They don't need to. I watch them become stronger, revitalized and happier, without dangerous drugs or surgery.
And that's just the beginning of the women's health secrets I want to tell you about.
Until now, I haven't had a way to tell you about all of these cures. I share what I can in my daily Doctor's House Call and Ageless Beauty Secrets letters... but those are meant to be brief and give you just one piece of advice you can act on right away. There's simply not enough room to cover everything I've discovered about women's health.
That's why I created Anti-Aging Confidential for Women. And my mission is this: To show you how to use the most powerful tools on the planet to live your life with as much energy and vibrancy as you had in your 20s... and to make sure you know all of your options for erasing pain, illness and disease.
I want to make sure you have a front-row seat

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