Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing: Get help with self-publishing your book to Amazon's Kindle Store

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing: Get help with self-publishing your book to Amazon's Kindle Store:

Getting Paid

We pay royalties for each marketplace approximately sixty (60) days following the end of the calendar month in which your royalties meet the payment threshold.

Royalties accrue on your account until the total amount in each marketplace has reached the minimum threshold.

You'll receive separate royalty payments for each Kindle Store in which you have chosen to distribute your title, either via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Wire Transfer (where available), or check.

Your bank may have fees associated with some payments. Please contact your bank to verify fees associated with receiving payments.


EFT Payments do not have a threshold. This means you will be paid electronically in full no matter the amount accrued.*

For Check and WIRE payments there is a minimum threshold in each marketplace after deducting the applicable tax withholding.
Local Marketplace CurrencyCheck ThresholdWire$100 USD
$100 USD£100£100, .it, .fr, .nl, .de€100€100$100 CAD$100 CAD$100 USD$100 USD$100 USD1,000 MXN$100 USD¥ 10,000$100 USD$100 USD$100 USD$100 AUD

Your royalties accrue separately for each Amazon marketplace and must meet the minimum amount for your selected payment method in the local marketplace currency before you can receive a payment.

Threshold not met in a single month.

If your royalty earnings fall below the threshold for check and wire payments, we will keep a running total and issue payment once the amount exceeds the minimum threshold. Your payment occurs sixty days after the end of the month in which your royalties meet the threshold.

*When converting local royalty earnings to a different country, the amount to be paid after conversion must meet the minimum amount banks will allow us to send.


If you report taxes to the US, only royalties for (BR) marketplace will be subject to a tax withholding of 15% to comply with Brazilian tax regulations.

If you're not a US publisher royalties for (US) are subject to tax withholding depending on the country where you pay taxes. For the (BR) you'll be subject to withholding only if you report your taxes in certain countries. You can find more details about tax withholding in the Tax Help Page.

The tax withholding will be applied to the gross amount of your payment before it gets processed. Meaning that if you accrued $143.00 in the US Kindle Store and you have 30% tax withholding on your account, we will process a payment for $100.10 ($143.00 – 30% = $100.10).

Payment Options by Location

When you're setting up your account information, you can choose how you'd like to receive your payments for sales from each Amazon marketplace.

Available payment options (EFT, wire transfer, or check) are based on the location of your bank account.

You can see the available payment methods options based on your preferred bank location below:

United States (US) | United Kingdom (UK) | European Union (EU) | Canada (CA) | Brazil (BR) | Japan (JP) | India (IN) | Mexico (MX) | Australia (AU) | New Zealand (NZ) | Other

Payment Update Steps

The default payment method is Check Payments. To add your bank account to receive either EFT or Wire payments, please follow these steps:
  1. Log in to
  2. Click "(Your Name's) Account" at the top.
  3. Under "Your Royalty Payments," click "Add a bank account."
  4. Select your country of residence and click "OK.
  5. Enter your bank account information according to your country requirements and click "Done."
  6. Click "Save" at the bottom of the page.

To update your bank information or payment methods:
  1. Log in:
  2. In the top banner, click "(your) Account"
  3. Under "Your Royalty Payments," next to your bank account, click "Edit"
  4. In the form that appears, make the modifications you want to make
  5. Click "Save"

If you do not provide banking information in your KDP account, we’ll send a paper check in the local currency of the Amazon marketplace to the address on your account.

Missing Payment Issues

Payment not received for all marketplaces

We pay royalties separately for each marketplace. The top reasons why publishers receive payments only for some marketplaces are:
  • Not all the marketplaces have accrued royalties.
  • Not all the marketplaces have met the necessary threshold to process the payment (if the method is Check or Wire)
  • When converting local royalty earnings to a different country, the amount to be paid after conversion didn't meet the minimum amount banks will allow us to send (if the method is EFT or Wire).

Report shows an EFT/WIRE payment, but payment doesn't appear in bank account

Please keep in mind that EFT payments can take 1-5 business days to show on your bank account from the payment date. In case of Wire payments, it can take 5-10 days.

If in your Payments Report you see the amounts showing as "Paid," but the payment still does not appear in your account, please reach out to your financial institution for verification.

Check has not arrived

Check delivery time frames vary depending on location. After the payment date it can take up to a month for the check to reach the address in your KDP account. Please allow this much time before reporting your check as lost, and be sure to confirm the address on file is correct.

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