How to Calm Everyday Anxiety – From Women’s Health Network

How to Calm Everyday Anxiety – Women’s Health Network

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How to calm down and feel more peaceful every day

Short-term anxiety gets its start following a buildup of stress, tension and worry and it takes off from there, often becoming a self-perpetuating cycle. Of course you can’t avoid life’s ups and downs, but you can do something about everyday anxiety. Can you start today? Yes, you can, and here’s how.
Step 1: normalize cortisol levels
One of the most important steps in feeling less anxious is helping your body recover healthy cortisol production and regulation using our two-pronged approach:
1. First, you can support normal cortisol levels with predictable, well-timed nutrition — eat three meals and a few snacks spaced out over the course of the day. This helps reduce stress on your body by keeping hunger and blood sugar in check — very important for healthy adrenal function. Try to eat a little something every few hours even if you aren’t hungry.
2. Second, use calming passion flower and plant-derived phosphatidylserine to tamp down overproduction of cortisol and soothe your nervous system. This helps your body restore its natural “cortisol curve,” with cortisol increasing in the morning when it’s time to get up, and falling gradually during the day and evening so you can sleep at night. Our Serinisol calming supplement is formulated specifically to help with cortisol imbalances.
Step 2: set calmness as your goal and believe it can happen
Science shows that by setting a goal to be less anxious and more blissful each day — and believing you can achieve it — you can feel calmer. Anxiety, even if it’s short-term, can make you feel out of control, even though most factors that cause anxiety are firmly within your grasp. Take time to figure out what makes you feel calm and centered. It can be as simple as taking a long hot bath or shower, getting your house in order, or listening to music through headphones in a cozy spot.
Focus on your breathing and note that in this moment, all is well. Once you know which calming activities work for you, plan your life around them and protect them carefully. Something else will always pop up to steal your time and attention, but if you treat your calming activities as sacred and don’t give them up, you will feel more peaceful and less anxious, even during stressful times.
Step 3: let your body release anxiety
Physical movement and exercise are known antidotes to anxiety because they activate the release of tension-relieving chemicals called endorphins. Just a few minutes of aerobic exercise generates anti-anxiety effects, so you don’t have to carve out lots of time for working out. A quick, brisk walk can be plenty but it’s important to do this regularly because the positive effects wear off.
A form of exercise with built-in relaxation, such as yoga, can also dissolve nervous tension, especially if you feel prone to panic attacks. The stress behind your anxiety may make you feel too busy to exercise, but the negative consequences of not exercising — on your body and your mind — add up quickly. Simply being outside can help dissolve anxiety, and if you add in a little physical activity, you’ll naturally relieve and prevent short-term anxiety and stress.
Help yourself be strong, resilient and anxiety-free
Stepping away from everyday anxiety takes awareness, nutritional support and a little bit of practice. If you’re like many of our readers and customers, you’re ready to ditch your anxious feelings and get back to your life. Get started today by following our three-step plan so that you can feel calmer, happier and more relaxed — every day.
"How to calm down and feel more peaceful every day

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