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How Do I Claim My Prize At PCHSearch&Win?
Every day there are new instant prizes to be won just for searching at PCHSearch&Win. If you win instantly, you will be notified right after you click the search button with a winner notification page that pops up and displays the message:You Are Our Newest Instant Winner. Then, click the Claim My Prize Now button and another window will pop with a claim form to complete. Once you have entered the proper information, click submit to complete the process. Gift card winners will be notified by email with instructions on how to claim their gift cards online. Cash Prize winners will receive an email with details on when their prize is expected to arrive.
How Do I Claim My Prize At PCHlotto?
At PCHlotto, we hold a FREE nightly drawing for all sorts of amazing prizes! Make sure you’re playing your numbers every day, then return to PCHlotto and play your PCHlotto Twilight cards. Like we always say, Play Today, You Could Win Tomorrow. How true it is! The day following a drawing, cash winners will receive an email from PCH notifying them that their winnings should arrive between 3-5 weeks.
So, there you have it! If you’ve ever wondered, How Do I Claim My Prize At PCH, I hope you found this blog helpful. Please keep in mind if you win a prize valued at $600 or above, you will also be given a sweepstakes winners affidavit of eligibility to complete.
This is also a great time to remind all of our friends out there, if you become the winner of a PCH SuperPrize or another major PCH Prize, you’ll be notified in person by the PCH Prize Patrol, and at PCH you’ll NEVER be asked to pay a fee to claim a prize. At PCH winning is always FREE!
Good luck!"
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