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3D Printing for Jewelers, ceramics and metals too! Thanks Anca

3D Printing for Jewelers

Published on Dec 12, 2012
3D Printing for Jewelers presentation by Marina Mellinas.

This presentation explains a few of the most common techniques used in 3D Printing, and gives an overview of the processes and materials available to jewelry designers and manufacturers.

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    hi can u suggest which is the best 3d printer for jewellery making in 18k and 22k
    Marina Mellinas 
    +mjiju50 For fine jewelry pieces, I print them in wax and then I cast them in gold or platinum. I normally use a ProJet CPX or a Solidscape printer if I need a very high resolution.
    Chiming Lam 
    Very good video introducing the different kinds of 3D print technology SLA, FDM, SLS and DMLS plus the various companies
    providing the 3D printing services ! At the final part of this video, it shows a product made by DLP technology which could be further introduced if possible in this video !
    push buttons 
    Finally someone honest enough to tell all of us that  these resins cannot be casted as you would regular wax...except for maye 2..3..on the market..B9 creator....solidscape...and sometimes Envisiontek..all the others are crap nightmares...Thank you  Marina
    Mohamed Hussein Ahmed 
    I like your knowledge about 3D printers .
    The process that is described as DMLS at 4:17 is NOT DMLS! The L in DMLS stands for LASER. In this process no lasers are involved. A further wrong statement is that the powder added is brass. It is in fact bronze powder.

    This is so-called "bronze infused stainless steel" printing, which is a proprietary 3D printing process by ExOne.
    Imran Ijaz 
    i m a whole sale of gold factory jewellery... i design n make jewellery n only cast my jewellery n then after that from 0 to its finishing work happens in my factory... i was really looking or some new technology n i m really thankful for this video n for the Marina Mellinas for great demonstration... i hope this would help for a peoples whose already in these fields..... thats a great video which inspires for a new techniques to enhance there business!! very informative thanks!
    Marina Mellinas i would please to contact u if u just dnt mind by emailing me!
    am really looking for some business stuff from u!! if u could help me out on these stuff!! Thanks!!
    My email is: imranijaz143 at gmail dot com
          Or       : imran-ijaz at hotmail dot com
    Best Regards. Mohammed Imran!
    Nico Van Der Merwe 
    Awesome but I think the 3D is expensive.
    Vitka Frankovic 
    Does anyone know who is producer of these 3D printers ?
    Adrian Makala 
    Muchas gracias !!!
    ana karen solis 
    amazing, thank you!
    Chi Chi Cheng 
    Many thanks for this informative video!

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