Verizon is a cartoon of corporate bad behavior - - Gmail

Verizon is a cartoon of corporate bad behavior - - Gmail:

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Just who do they think they are?

Despite making $131.6 billion in annual revenue, Verizon refuses to sign a contract with its workers.

CEO Lowell C. McAdam thinks $13.48 an hour is more than enough to support a family. Not his family, of course. He'll take home almost $20 million in compensation this year.

Verizon's executive team is a cartoon of corporate bad behavior. Last week, one of its executive attorneys actually struck a union member with his Porsche Boxter convertible.

While paying themselves up to $20,000 an hour, they've outsourced jobs and sheltered profits from the tax man. According to Citizens for Tax Justice, they've paid 12% tax on $121 billion dollars in profit over 15 years!

This is not just Verizon's problem. There is a corrupt corporate culture in our country that abuses workers, and rigs the rules to evade taxes and pad the pockets of CEOs.

We are in a major fight to force companies like Verizon to pay their share of taxes. With your donation, we can win this fight. Click here to contribute $10 or more to this campaign.

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