The VIOLET FLAME; "Be a Modern Master" Masterclass by Deborah King (Model B)- Live

Basic survival style; get higher  Skills;LIVING FROM CATASTROPHY Grief, not much consciousness;

 tend to get the BOAT, (DISSASOCIATIONS, the other OLGA, the real me remained UNTOUCHED)1.

(acting out,could have a psychotic break, in early teens)


almost as it hadn't happen, it surfaces out of you, the energy tries to free itself.

3. there is DENIAL;

you hope and pretend it isn't true!

Clear the shame and self-blame!


DO Theraphy, counselling, breath work; group work!

Ramp up your Spirituality:

COPING SKILLS; are sharing, from 30 years ago.

giving and receiving energy healing; it's a WIN WIN, being of service!

A. Like ancient SUTRA practice; SAINT GERMAINE and his temple, thru spiritual alchemy;

abortion, mom's death, dad's death;

emy, fuga din RO, sa scap de ma-sa si tacsu, si mai ales de el:

Transport me  to this other ealm:

close eyes; OHHHM inside of me, MICHAEL easiest archangel; feel relaxed, visualize a white parachute to carry me, soft gentle energy, as we travel acrosss the globe, above the ROCKY MTs., ST GERMAINE, nearly 6 feet, blue eyes, scent of incense., of the old world.ready to visit THE TEMPLE OF THE VIOLET FLAME. So follow me to a maltese cross, 8 pointed cross associated with the KNIGHTS OF MALTA, temple.upward thru your body; blessed vioet flame may your violet flame blaze into your heart, transmute all negative carma in the past, the present or the future, and so IT IS!

Specific negative from my ascension into higher consciousness, my feeling the FLAME! tingley, bubbly!
Of the deivine. release all old distress, limitations, impurities, pass out thru the top of your head, raising into heaven!. THANKS ST GERMAINE!

"Be a Modern Master" Masterclass by Deborah King (Model B)- Live:

DOING MY SUTRAS hearing them in my head.those screams are coming from inside of YOU, repressed earlier in ur life.NAM MI OHO RENGE KIO. I must have done a lot of holding in as a child.I'll seed the SUTRAS in YOU, SUTRA PRACTICE! Like cleaning house, they open you up to special gifts, in my higher CHAKRAS. It heals YOUR body. I have gifts!

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