Co-Sponsor HR 2889 and HR; Close Wall Street Tax Loopholes

Close Wall Street Tax Loopholes:

Close Wall Street Tax Loopholes

Corporations and Wall Street bankers have rigged the tax code so that they can get huge tax breaks by paying executives in stock options and treating hedge fund manager salary income as capital gains.
That hurts all of us because it encourages executives to focus on short-term stock prices at the expense of long-term investment in our communities. The taxes that corporations and Wall Street money managers avoid paying could be used to repair our roads and bridges, fund our schools and make college free for hundreds of thousands of students.
Corporate executives and big-money hedge fund managers have used their outsized influence in our political process to rig the system so that they get richer while the rest of us fall farther behind.
Members of Congress from both parties are finally taking notice. Legislation to close these loopholes has a real chance of passing this year if it can get enough co-sponsors in the next few weeks.
Enter your name and address to ask your member of Congress to co-sponsor today.

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