Local Guides?!

Local Guides:

The day is June 16th, 2016. We are meeting at 10811 Ahhton Ave in the Lobby at 11am. We then go up on the roof-top, and take amazing pics of the breath-taking panoramic view of Beverly Hills, Century City, and Bel-Air. Then we all go  on a photo Walk, to Marilyn Monroe's tomb, 30 meters away, and then we disperse and take pics of historic Westwood as a whole. The FOX, and Crest, historical movie houses, and recreational parks will be visited. At 10pm, latest 11pm, we meet again in the lobby of the building, and upload our pics to Google+.  Thanks; olazin@ucla.edu, cell 310 633 3676.http://Dr_OlgaLazin.wordpress.com

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