THE BETTERE THAN BEFORE BOOK: Better Than Before (Book Review)

Better Than Before (Book Review):  I AM AN UPHOLDER!

Initially, I read this book because a friend recommended it and I didn't want to cause any hurt feelings by not taking her recommendation. It took a bit to really get into the book, but by the end I thought it was insightful and a great read for anyone who oversees a team at work. I even have a list of new habits to implement. My favorite being one of hers, Power Hour, where every week you take one hour to tackle a task that you have been ignoring.
To understand yourself better, in order to be more successful at habit implementation, Rubin categorizes people into four tendencies:
  1. Upholder
    1. Meets outer expectations.
    2. Meets inner expectations.
  2. Questioner
    1. Resists outer expectations.
    2. Meets inner expectations.
  3. Obliger
    1. Meets outer expectations.
    2. Resists inner expectations.
  4. Rebel
    1. Resists outer expectations.
    2. Resists inner expectations.
These tendencies are the basis for explaining how habits can best be formed for each type, what road blocks may be in the way, and simply understanding yourself better so that you can choose what works for you.
She then delves into smaller personality traits, such as how you approach deadlines. Marathoners work consistently over time. Sprinters do all of the work at the last minute, usually very well. While procrastinators do the work at the last minute but the quality is not as high as it could be. They are each  approaching the same task differently. Knowing which one you are, and possibly which ones your co-workers are, is invaluable.
Rubin thoroughly researches everything she writes about, which makes the book an engaging combination of research-based data and real-world observations. Told in an easy to read story format, knowing yourself comes first, then finding the best method of implementation, when to start, what accountability you might need and, finally, what pitfalls to look out for, make for a compelling read that will make you see yourself and those around you in a whole new light.
About the Author
Kelley Dawkins is fiercely committed to guiding Directors and Managers to identify their DNA, or Distinct Natural Advantage, so they can strategically position their careers for leadership. By doing so, the organization has leaders who empower employees at all levels so they become valuable resources that can be relied upon to solve and even prevent problems, share knowledge and work towards the growth of the organization as a whole.
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