What Is the Best Mindset for Your Success? 

Your relationship with your mind and body is just like any other relationship—you get results based upon the way you nurture, respect, and encourage the connection. And how you nourish yourself mentally and physically is a reflection of how you look and feel, right? But when it comes to maintaining a healthy mind and body . . . there's no one-size-fits-all method. 

To back up this theory, check out these 10 scientific studies centered around nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, and mindset. They may forever change the way you think about your health and well-being. 

Link: Dr OLGA LAZIN, Mentor and Guru:

Have You Tried Creative Visualization Yet? visualize success.png Have you ever set out to complete a goal but were all over the place with it . . . expending energy and focus inefficiently, and ending up with poor results? If so, it may be time to try creative visualization. Visualizing future events and outcomes for success has been around for hundreds of years; it's been practiced by monks, nuns, kings, queens . . . and pro-athletes. 

And in the last decade, scientists have shown that visualization increases performance by improving motivation, coordination, and concentration. Also known as “mental rehearsal,” visualization trains the brain for a performance. 

And according to the results shown from brain scanning technology, your mind doesn’t know the difference between something that happened and something that you envision will happen. Discover more about how practices like creative visualization, meditation, self-reflection, and mindfulness help stimulate new, positive neuropathways. 

: If You Can't "Let Go" of Your Thoughts, Listen to Them Instead morning meditation1.png Some people believe a quiet mind leads to inner peace. This is a common theory and practice found in most spiritual traditions. But many people find that it's impossible to do . . . and for a good reason: the more you relax, the busier your mind/brain becomes, right?!

 #olgamlazin Tip: Don't try to get rid of your thoughts at all. When you choose to meditate, or when you slip into that peaceful state of daydreaming, just observe them . . . without judgment. Notice how your thoughts and feelings continually float in and out of your conscious awareness. In your mind's eye, see your thoughts appear as thought bubbles. Watch them sail across your mind . . . then drift away . . . out into space. The more you relax and watch them (you may even hear them), the more you'll feel a growing sense of tranquility. What’s important here is you are developing your ability to observe all the subtle feelings, thoughts, and sensations that you're experiencing. This type of mindfulness practice can lead to strong self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Remember, thoughts are just fragments of memory, dreams of future events, and miscellaneous ramblings of your creative brain. Notice what you notice, just say "here it goes my thought again."

Because You're likely to discover something remarkable. My sister is an Achiever, Alanna S.

 Alanna always struggled with her weight. And through the years she saw many professionals, hoping someone would have a program that worked for her. She tried dozens of fitness and nutrition plans, but nothing seemed to keep the weight off. Alanna made a promise to herself that she would never be more than 200 lbs, and when she saw the scale read 196.4 pounds one morning, she knew she needed to try something different. Luckily, she discovered OL's Program and the science behind Winning the Game of Weight Loss (WTGWL). After Alanna purchased the program, she dove right in and started seeing results almost instantly. Over the course of the program, Alanna learned how to shift her lifestyle to better support her goals. 

 It’s an ongoing process, and she’s happy to have access to the private online support groups with other people going through the program, as well as the other OL coaches.  Alanna was able to release 22 lbs of weight, mostly from her belly, and she feels much more confident about her body and her appearance. She not only looks better, but she’s more in touch with her circadian rhythm, her diet, and her exercise habits. She’s changing her body from the inside out, and doing what works for her! Winning the Game of Weight Loss What would your life look like if you had the healthy body you dream of? To learn more, join the weight-loss training online. Newsletter Divider.jpg Real People. Real Results launch success.png We just received a progress report from Li-Min (via the OLGA LAZIN’s Facebook community). Here’s what she had to say about Winning the Game of Fear (WTGF) and Winning the Game of Money (WTGM): “Morning, OL's Achievers! I'm celebrating my completion of WTGF and WTGM!

Now, how to  Overcome fears and anxiety: Now even if you feel paralyzed by fears and couldn't sleep at night; now I use the tools and techniques to switch my focus and able to move forward even if I was afraid. 2) Physical fitness: from not exercising to 5/6 days per week kickboxing, weights, and ballet . . . reduced 2% body fat 3) Income/money: from unemployed and not knowing what business to start to a full-time position and launching my coaching business. The biggest difference for me is knowing that challenges and fears will come up especially when doing something outside of what I know or comfortable with . . . now I have a structure and tools to get over them and keep taking actions no matter what. Keep going! It's a journey of self-discovery and self-actualization. I allow myself the grace of treating everything as a practice. I might suck at it when I first start, but I know I will get better by "practicing." It takes so much pressure off than trying to be perfect all the time. You can do it! ❤ Winning the Game of Money Congratulations, Li-Min! Thank you for your insight and encouragement with the AAGYM community. Want to learn how you can make lasting changes through goal achievement, too? Join us for a free event! Newsletter Divider.jpg . Are You Falling into These Hidden Creativity & Productivity Traps? Tinker Quiz.png If you’ve ever struggled with productivity, creativity or inspiration . . . your brain might be holding you back. Dr. Srini Pillay, a friend and Harvard Professor, created a short quiz that can help you identify these hidden traps you’re experiencing . . . improve your productivity and creative power. We recommend this quiz for anyone who is struggling to produce great work . . . but can’t figure out why. Click below to take this 30-second quiz. [TAKE THE QUIZ]: Are You Falling Into These Hidden Psychological Traps That Hurt Your Productivity And Creativity? Take A QUIZ, e-mail: Newsletter Divider.jpg . MUGWORAT, VALERIAN,

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